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Server Rules

§1 The naming

• The nicknames must not attack or hurt anyone personally.
• It is forbidden to pretend to be a person or a member of a group of persons, if this does not correspond to reality.
• The nickname can not be offensive.

§2 disturbing conversations of other users

• The disturbing of other conversations (eg: Soundboard) is prohibited.

§3 insults

• Of course, as in the forum for you, the general rules of conduct, that means you can not offend anyone.

§4 noise

• Obnoxious noises and noises of any kind are to be avoided.

§5 Channel Hopping

• Channel hopping is prohibited. This means frequent changes of channels in a short period of time.

§6 TS3 rights

• The begging and begging of any ranks is not permitted.

§7 disputes

• Private misunderstandings and matters have to be clarified in own channels, so that one does not bother other users.

§8 authority

• The server team has full authority over the Teamspeak server. That means you have to follow the instructions of the team members. If you do not agree with a statement, you can contact a moderator.

§9 Control rights

• The server team has full control rights on the Teamspeak server. That means your conversations may be controlled by team members. This can be done by moving to another channel.

§10 hacker attacks

• Any attack against this server is prohibited. The IP addresses are logged and, in the case of an attempted attack, of whatever kind, brought to criminal prosecution. This applies especially to flooding with various programs and DOS attacks.

§11 threat

• Any kind of threat is forbidden.

§12 record calls

• The recording of conversations on the entire server is only allowed in consultation with the present users of the channel. We protect your privacy.

§13 advertising

• Any kind of active advertising for your own purposes is prohibited unless previously agreed with an admin. By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertising, links and text messages to the channel or individual users.

§14 jumpscares, IP loggers and VPNs

• Jumpscares, IP loggers and VPNs are strictly prohibited.

§15 kicking and banning

• No one is banned or kicked for no reason! All members of the team have the authority to kick and ban people if they consider it necessary.

§16 Privacy

• Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords etc. may not be exchanged publicly. A server admin or team channel admin will never ask for your password or similar.

§17 exploit rights

• The exploitation of his rights is strictly prohibited.
• There is a difference between using rights or exploiting rights.

§18 Avatar

• The avatar must not be offensive, racist, provocative, sexual, offensive. Furthermore, the avatar may not show any other persons, if they do not agree.

§19 Music Bots

• Each user may use his music bot on the Teamspeak server, but only in his own channels.