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Server Rules

§1 General

• The administration reserves the right to change the content on the server at any time.
• The team management & support management can throw or accept people from the team without coordination.
• No authority person may be expelled from a channel.
• Instructions from the authorities must be followed.
• Advertising for other servers or websites is only permitted with the express approval of the administration.

§2 disrupt conversations

• Users who deliberately disrupt conversations and do not show any insight even after repeated warnings must expect a channel or server kick. In unintentional cases, temporary bans are imposed, up to the permanent ban.

§3 insults

• Those who do not master a reasonable tone and insult others, whether directly or subtly, must face the consequences.

§4 noises

• Avoid obscene noises or noise from the headset! It is also asked to adjust the microphone so that the breathing cannot be heard continuously or if you eat on the side and you have nothing to say so please deactivate your microphone.

§5 Channel hopping

• Channel hopping is prohibited. Doesn't mean permanently switching through the channels. Otherwise there are consequences.

§6 TS3 rights

• Begging for server rights such as Supporter or admin and other things are not welcome.

§7 disputes

• Private misunderstandings and disputes are also to be kept private and do not belong on the TS3.

§8 Right to issue instructions

• The team members have full instructions on the server. Anyone who does not follow the team's instructions will be warned and kicked in an emergency. If this accumulates, a ban is expected.

§9 control rights

• The whole server team can switch to a protected channel without notice or move individual users to control a conversation.

§10 hacker attacks

• Any attack against this server and, or against team members is punishable. The IP addresses are logged and, in the event of an attempt to attack, of whatever kind, brought to criminal notice. This particularly affects flooding with various programs and DOS attacks.

§11 Record calls

• Recording of conversations on the entire server is only permitted in consultation with the users of the channel present unless we have a team meeting which is recorded for members who could not participate. We use it to protect your privacy.

§12 advertising

• Any kind of active advertising for your own purposes is prohibited unless this has been previously discussed with an admin. By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertising, links and text messages to the channel or individual users, as well as files with advertising content that are uploaded to the channels.

§13 Kick and ban

• someone is banned or kicked for no reason! ALL members of the team are authorized to kick and ban people if they see a need. Inappropriate kicks / bans must be reported to the responsible admins.

§14 file upload

• It is not permitted to make pornographic / suggestive / copyright-protected material (films, music, etc.) or other content contrary to German law available to all other users in one channel.

§15 administration

• No server owner has to justify itself to the users or the team for actions.

§16 radical right-wing statements

• Right-wing radical statements and actions are not tolerated by us on our network. Otherwise, severe consequences can be expected.

§17 support

• Any support exploitation will be punished with a ban.

§18 data protection

• A team member will never ask for sensitive information, such as user passwords.

§19 notification obligation

• If a rule violation is recognized by a user, this must be reported to a team member immediately.

§20 avatar

• Avatars must not contain any pornographic, racist, offensive or other content that violates German law.

§21 voice distortion

• The use of applications to change the voice is prohibited! If such a program is used, penalties are to be expected!

§22 soundboard

• The use of a soundboard is only permitted in a password-protected channel. Permission must be granted by the channel owner. Otherwise use is prohibited!

§23 VPN connection

• A VPN connection is absolutely forbidden on our servers and will be punished with a ban!
• The exception is:
• Permission of the network management with allocation of a server group intended for this purpose

§24 circumvention

• Any circumvention of the ban will be punished with a permanent ban!

§25 Record / Stream

• The team reserves the right at all times to assert a copyright on the recordings that are recorded on our server. This includes the pronunciation of a publication ban (e.g. on Twitch / Youtube or the like). Any admissions against which this right is asserted must be made immediately accessible to the public.